Order Food with Crypto

Hungry? Order take-out & delivery using over 45 different cryptocurrencies. Read our White Paper to learn why Feast Coin is one of 2018’s most exciting Initial Coin Offerings.

What is Feast Coin?

Feast Coin is a cryptocurrency, website and mobile application that allows users to order food quickly and easily. Users will be able to order take-out and delivery from their favorite restaurants using Bitcoin, Feast Coin and various other altcoins. The advantage to paying in FSC is that users will save an additional 10-20% on their order.

The Feast Coin loyalty program allows customers to earn a portion of FSC on every order and users can trade their rewards for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Think of Feast Coin’s loyalty program as the crypto version of cash-back





Order Food Instantly

Gone are the days when you had to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat to use it. Now, with Feast Coin, you can order food using the cryptocurrency of your choice by simply clicking a few buttons. In addition, Feast Coin transactions will be lightning fast due to its adaptation of the Waves Platform; the world’s fastest decentralized blockchain.

Perks for Vendors

When restaurant owners list their take-out and delivery services with us they receive a commission on top of the revenue earned from the actual order. Becoming a vendor with Feast Coin increases their profits without the need to spend millions of dollars upgrading their present payment system. Ultimately, Feast Coin makes it possible for restaurants to join the cryptocurrency revolution risk free.


Why Feast Coin?

What’s the one thing that people always buy? Food! Take-out and delivery services are a large part of the ever-growing multi-billion dollar restaurant industry. Likewise, the use of cryptocurrency is growing quickly as more and more people begin to boycott the central banking system. All that is missing is a way to connect the two. Feast Coin is the solution.


Buy Feast Coin tokens (FSC) using your favorite cryptocurrency

Round 1: January 14th 2018 to January 28th 2018 | 7:00pm EST | $0.50/FSC

Round 2: January 29th 2018 to February 14th 2018 | 7:00pm EST | $0.70/FSC

Round 3: February 15th 2018 to March 14th 2018 | 7:00pm EST | $1.00/FSC.

Get your Feast Coin tokens early to avoid disappointment.

ICO Round Completion

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Token Details

PRICE OF 1 FSC: $0.50-$1.00

HARDCAP: $50,000,000

TOKEN SALE TERM: 63 days or until the hard cap is reached

NON-ADJUSTABLE EMISSION: All unsold tokens will bе destroyed

WAYS TO BUY FSC TOKENS: We accept 45+ different cryptocurrencies

Token Share

Refer friends and family to the Feast Coin ICO and earn 5% on all FSC tokens purchased by your referrals.

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  • Referral Bonuses

Exchange Details

Feast Coin has been built on the Waves blockchain and will be listed on the Waves Dex Exchange. Not only is Waves the world’s fastest decentralized blockchain but it also has high network capacity, low latency and low transaction fees. We are passionate about being listed on a decentralized exchange because centralized exchanges can be hacked, robbed and DDoS’d. With Waves, you can store your FSC tokens securely in the local lite client, whilst also trading them quickly and safely on the built-in decentralized exchange.

Our Team

The Feast Coin team consists of experienced web developers, software engineers, marketing strategists, mathematicians, Blockchain specialists and food lovers. To meet the team in person, be sure to attend our 1st annual Feast Coin conference held in Toronto, Canada (Q2 2018). See some of our key players below.


Kimberly Wilson

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, mathematician and investor with a background in finance and web development.



Suleman Fahad

Digital currency analyst, investor and consultant with experience in legal and financial compliance.



Francis De Jesus

Blockchain specialist with a background in computer programming, encryption and software development.


Get the App

Want a sneak peak? Download our mobile app to see a mock-up of our concept. Please keep in mind that this is a concept-only version and that many design upgrades are still to come. Your investment in Feast Coin will help to create an efficient, user-friendly website and mobile application that will contribute to making digital currency economically viable. Join us in launching Feast Coin, the world’s first cryptocurrency to enable take-out and delivery services.

Mobile apps are presently under construction